Inspiration for Designing your Home

Imagine a perfect summers day on the East End of long island and you will experience a lot that you wish you could capture and take home with you. First thing in the morning, with a delicious café-au-lait in hand, enjoying the sound of the rhythmic ocean crashing onto a beach of perfectly soft sand beneath your feet, a myriad of undistinguishable shades of grey, taupe, beige and white mixing with every shade of green and blue. From the feel of the warm sunshine on your face and the smell of a sun baked shore, to a delicious organic farm to table meal - everything you see hear taste touch and smell is to be savored and remembered. This is where I find my best inspiration. A collection of shells will form a beautiful color palette for a new beach house, driftwood lamps, coarse, nubby sisal on the floor, and the textures of the shore become the perfect materials and tones for upholstery, walls, anything!

The sense of light out East is magical, changing at each point of the day and in every kind of weather. You can walk the same stretch of beach every day for all eternity but it will never grow old, never seem boring, never appear the same twice. You can create a similar dynamism in your interiors by choosing the right paint colors and finishes using nature as your inspiration. Natural colors add a sweet lightness to your interiors, and mixing and matching them in a single space can create the perfect effect. Earthy tones taken from a summers’ day hike deep in the forest where every shade of green is illuminated - bright golden mossy greens and dark tonal browns. The quality of light filtering through the trees is magical, something to relish and be incorporated into your home design with the right colors choices, plenty of natural light, and having every aspect of the design consider the interplay between outside and in. Choose fresh delicate colors from nature and you will never go wrong.

There is something quintessentially relaxed and whimsical about summer time on the east end and it wants to be brought home with you and shared all year long. It may be so subtle you do not even realize the colors are reminiscent of sand sky and water but the feeling is embodied in the shades and tones you have chosen bringing comfort and nostalgia. When you are inspired by a place and time in your life, incorporate it into your interior design and decoration so that everyone who steps into your home can enjoys becoming a part of your story as well.

“In choosing colors… follow natures lead” John Saladino