Green Design Ideas

I first became interested in healthier ways of living when I was pregnant with my first child. It suddenly seemed essential to change my habits to counteract the negative effects modern day lifestyles have on our health. At the same time, I was suddenly obsessed with protecting the environment for my future children and grandchildren. So began a 20 year journey to leading a healthier, less toxic, less wasteful life. Some days I am good and some days not so much.

I often find myself wondering what the world was like before humans and capitalism came along and messed it all up. I’ll be walking down a street, imagining what it looked like before the pavement went down, and the buildings and manipulated landscaping were put onto it. Its all so calculated and formulaic and clichéd. What’s more unnatural then a perfectly manicured lawn? That is what nature has become, pre-planned generally uninspired bits of greenery, surrounding unoriginal buildings.